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MRS. SEAFOOD Inc. was established in the new millenium to supply in quality seafood to the general public. Mrs. Seafood has served the discriminating buyer with the highest quality seafood at competitive prices. We specialize in absolutely the best quality seafood from al over the world. We are deeply committed to clean and fair business practice.

The company has established its own brand, Kings Way, and has found a significant market in the short time that the brand has been in the market.


Shrimp - Good or Bad cholesterol ?
It doesn't come from eating cholesterol; it comes from eating too much saturated fat.' Shellfish, including shrimp and lobster, are 'excruciatingly low in saturated fat,' making them truly heart-healthy.

and more...

Mouthwatering delicious shrimps dishes can be made with good recipe. To create these mouthwatering recipes, we have adopted a fresh approach. We thought that most of the dishes, formal or informal, posed two questions to the creative cook:
'What shall I cook?'  'How do I prepare?'  Find your answers


Kings Way
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